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Flexible finance and support for your 3D printing technology

At 3D Generation we understand things change. So, we offer flexible and innovative ways to finance your 3D printing equipment.

Whatever your needs today – and however they may change in the future – we will tailor a finance scheme for you. Your options include:

  • direct purchase
  • operating lease
  • mirrored finance
  • finance lease
  • eduLease
  • low start, step and flexi rental

Technology Refresh Programme

The 3D Generation Technology Refresh programme lets you keep your 3D print equipment up-to-date without necessarily incurring additional costs.

With every machine we supply, we guarantee a future buy-back price based on a sliding scale of depreciation. This means you avoid the trap in which equipment becomes obsolete before its cost is fully written down.

Then, every year you can upgrade up to one third of your fleet and benefit from the very latest technology.


We’ll also supply all consumables your 3D printing machines need at competitive prices and delivery times.

To get the 3D printer service and support package your business needs, contact 3D Generation today.