3D Systems

3D Systems provides an extensive choice of 3D printing machines across its Personal, Professional and Production ranges.


Designed for hobbyists, home users and students, the 3D Systems Personal range comprises a choice of compact, affordable, yet highly versatile personal 3D printers.

The current range includes the CubePro, Cube® 3, Cube®, CubeX, ProJet® 1000, ProJet® 1500, Project® 160 and ProJet® 260C models.


With a current offering of 25 ProJet® machines, the 3D Systems Professional range covers a multitude of applications.

These include functional prototypes, small, precise, detail-rich parts, architectural, educational and healthcare and dental 3D printing capabilities.


The 3D Systems Production range comprises 15 machines.

As well as functional precision prototypes, these specialist 3D printers are designed to create master patterns, tooling moulds and real end-use parts.

Products include the iPro and ProX Stereolithography (SLA) models, the ProX 500 and sPro range of Laser Sintering SLS machines and the ProX range of Direct Metal Sintering (DMS) 3D printers.

Also available are the 3D Systems voxelJet VX 500 and VX 1000 for casting patterns.

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