We’ll print and return your 3D items

3D Generation’s 3D Printing Bureau serves customers in London and the local area.

Based in Surrey, the Bureau is an online facility with a collection desk for any items you may need urgently. We normally turn orders around within 48 hours.

We use FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) technology and ABS thermoplastics. This means parts 3D printed at the Bureau are mechanically strong and durable. We offer a build base of up to 10 square inches.

About FDM

With a layer thickness of up to 70 microns and a tolerance of 0.178mm, FDM technology builds the most accurate parts of any additive fabrication system.

ABS thermoplastics give your 3D printed items the shape, accuracy and detail you need every time.

They’re tough enough to withstand rigorous field testing and demanding automotive, military and medical applications.

Only FDM provides this repeatability and durability.

Using our 3D Printing Bureau is simple. Just send us your .STL file. We’ll then print and return your item to you – normally within 48 hours.

For more information about our 3D printing bureau service, contact 3D Generation today.